Canadian Electrical Code

(Twenty-Second Edition)

Wire Size Calculator - Above Ground 2012
The Circuit    
Nominal Circuit Voltage
Conductors per Phase
Circuit Type
The Conductor    
Copper or Aluminum Conductors
Insulation Temperature Rating
 Rule 4-004(11)
Correcting for equipment rating    
Is this a continuous load
 Rule 8-104(3)
Overcurrent Device Rating
 Appendix B: 8-104
Lowest Conductor Termination Temperature
 Rule 4-006
Installation Type
Ambient Temperature
Number of Conductors in Contact
 Rule 4-004(3),(4),(6),(7),(10),(12) and (14)
Voltage Drop    
Distance in Meters or Feet
Length of Run
 (one way)
Allowable Voltage Drop
 Rule 8-102(1)

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Last Modified: April 12, 2012