Residential Single Phase Service - Canada
100A, Mast, Aluminum Conductors, #2 Insulated Neutral

Material Check List
Heading Qty Description Part Number
  100 Amp Mast Head  
  Mast Rack  
  Mast Flange  
  Mast Strap  
  Lag Bolts for mast strap  
  Mast Clamp with through-bolt and nut  
  4” x 4” Washer for through-bolt  
  1¼” Mast Reducer  
  1¼“ Close Nipple (between reducer and meter hub)  
Other Mast  
  8 Foot Mast  
  10 foot Mast  
  Roofing Tar  
  Blank Cover (cover through-bolt hole into building)  
  #6 X 1¼" Wood Screws (attach blank cover to wall)  
  2” x 2“ Washer (through-bolt in building)  
  1¼“ Screws (secure flange to roof)  
  100 Amp Overhead Meter Socket  
  1¼” Meter Socket Hub  
  Back Board (behind meter socket)  
  1” screws (attach back-board to wall)  
  2” Screws (attach meter to wall through back-board)  
  Washers (for 2" screws)  
  1" EMT (between meter socket and panel)  
  1" EMT Water Tight Connectors  
  1" EMT Set Screw Connector  
  1" EMT Water Tight Couplings  
  1" EMT Straps  
  Screws (attach straps)  
  1" LB (entry into building)  
  1" Nylon Bushing (inside meter socket)  
  Silicone Sealant (seal penetration into building)  
  1” Rigid Coupling (extend conduit inside building)  
  1” Nipple (extend conduit inside building)  
  1” Locknuts (for nipple)  
  Panel with 100 Amp Main Breaker  
  Plywood backing for Panel  
  Vapor barrier (behind plywood for panel)  
  1½” Screws (attach plywood to wall)  
  Concrete Anchors (attach plywood to wall)  
  ¾ " Screws (secure panel to plywood)  
  Sealing Tape for vapor barrier  
Service Wiring  
  #2 Aluminum RW90 White  
  #2 Aluminum RW90 Black  
  Oxide Inhibitor  
  Sealing Material (seal inside conduit entering building)  
  Wire Lube  
  #6 AWG Bare Copper  
  Ground Clamps for Incoming Water Line (if metal)  
  Ground Plate (if not using water line)  
  2 Ground Rods if not using water line  
  Ground Clamps for Ground Rods  
  1" Ground Bushing (connector inside panel)  
  #6 AWG Bare Copper  
  Ground Clamps (gas, water, sewer)  
  Cable Connector (ground/bond wire entering panel)  
  Cable Ties (securing ground to water line)  
  Range Breaker  
  Dryer Breaker  
  Air Conditioner Breaker  
  Kitchen Counter Plug 2 Pole Breaker  
  Kitchen Counter Plug 20 amp Breaker  
  AFCI breaker (bedroom plugs)  
Panel Wiring  
  ½ " NMD connectors  
  ¾ " NMD connector for range cable  
  4” Junction Boxes (extending wires)  
  4” Junction Box covers  
  14/2 NMD (extending wires)  
  14/3 NMD (extending wires)  
  10/3 NMD (extending dryer wires)  
  8/3 NMD (extending range wires)  
Old Wiring  
  GFI Blank Front (ungrounded circuits)  
  Handy Box for GFI  
  Cover for GFI  
  Plastic Connectors (knob & tube entering a box)  

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