Residential Single Phase Service - Canada
200A, Mast, Copper Conductors, #00 Bare Neutral

Material Check List
Heading Qty Description Part Number
  200 Amp Mast Head  
  Mast Rack  
  Mast Flange  
  Mast Strap  
  Lag Bolts for mast strap  
  Mast Clamp with through-bolt and nut  
  4” x 4” Washer for through-bolt  
  2” Mast Reducer  
  2“ Close Nipple (between reducer and meter hub)  
  8 Foot Mast  
  10 foot Mast  
  Roofing Tar  
  Blank Cover (cover through-bolt hole into building)  
  #6 X 1¼" Wood Screws (attach blank cover to wall)  
  2” x 2“ Washer (through-bolt in building)  
  1¼“ Screws (secure flange to roof)  
  200 Amp Overhead Meter Socket  
  2” Meter Socket Hub  
  Back Board (behind meter socket)  
  1” screws (attach back-board to wall)  
  2” Screws (attach meter to wall through back-board)  
  Washers (for 2" screws)  
  1¼" EMT (between meter socket and panel)  
  1¼" EMT Water Tight Connectors  
  1¼" EMT Set Screw Connector  
  1¼" EMT Water Tight Couplings  
  1¼" EMT Straps  
  Screws (attach straps)  
  1¼" LB (entry into building)  
  1¼" Nylon Bushing (inside meter socket)  
  Silicone Sealant (seal penetration into building)  
  1¼” Rigid Coupling (extend conduit inside building)  
  1¼” Nipple (extend conduit inside building)  
  1¼” Locknuts (for nipple)  
  Panel with 200 Amp Main Breaker  
  Plywood backing for Panel  
  Vapor barrier (behind plywood for panel)  
  1½” Screws (attach plywood to wall)  
  Concrete Anchors (attach plywood to wall)  
  ¾" Screws (secure panel to plywood)  
  Sealing Tape for vapor barrier  
Service Wiring  
  #00 Copper RW90 Black  
  #00 Bare Copper  
  Sealing Material (seal inside conduit entering building)  
  Wire Lube  
  #6 Bare Copper  
  Ground Clamps for Incoming Water Line (if metal)  
  Ground Plate (if not using water line)  
  2 Ground Rods if not using water line  
  Ground Clamps for Ground Rods  
  1¼" Ground Bushing (connector inside panel)  
  #6 AWG Bare Copper  
  Ground Clamps (gas, water, sewer)  
  Cable Connector (ground/bond wire entering panel)  
  Cable Ties (securing ground to water line)  
  Range Breaker  
  Dryer Breaker  
  Air Conditioner Breaker  
  Kitchen Counter Plug 2 Pole Breaker  
  Kitchen Counter Plug 20 amp Breaker  
  AFCI breaker (bedroom plugs)  
Panel Wiring  
  ½ " NMD connectors  
  ¾ " NMD connector for range cable  
  4” Junction Boxes (extending wires)  
  4” Junction Box covers  
  14/2 NMD (extending wires)  
  14/3 NMD (extending wires)  
  10/3 NMD (extending dryer wires)  
  8/3 NMD (extending range wires)  
Old Wiring  
  GFI Blank Front (ungrounded circuits)  
  Handy Box for GFI  
  Cover for GFI  
  Plastic Connectors (knob & tube entering a box)  

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